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PVC Shower Wall Panels for Home – Wallpaper design

Interior Wpc Wall Panel and SPC Wall Panel Effect picture for Background Wall

What is Bathroom Panels advantage?

1. The production process of Bathroom Panels has the same machinability as logs. It can be nailed, sawed, cut, and can be drilled. Only need to use nails or bolts to fix the Panels, the surface texture is very smooth, no need to spray paint. In addition, compared to logs, wall panels have more physical advantages and good stability. In daily use in China, there will be no cracks, warped edges, and diagonal lines. According to the needs of consumers, colorants can be put into PANEL products with different colors after processing, but they need regular maintenance. 2. Due to its own characteristics, PVC WALL PANEL is particularly water-resistant and good in fire resistance. At the same time, PVC WALL is environmentally friendly and corrosion-resistant and does not require excessive maintenance. 3. The appearance and texture of Pvc Bathroom panels are very similar to solid wood, but compared to WPC wallboard materials, they have higher hardness and can last longer. In addition, the wall panel is light in weight, convenient for construction personnel to transport and install, and has a certain degree of wear resistance, making WALL PANEL suitable for walls in many spaces. 4. Pvc Panel has many patterns and rich colors, giving consumers more choices. The wall panel installation is very convenient. After the overall wall decoration, the decoration taste can be improved instantly. It is widely used in indoor walls, such as entertainment venues, hotels, conference centers, offices, etc. 5. In the production process of Bathroom PVC panel, flame-retardant materials are added to make the product excellent in fire resistance. It will be extinguished in case of fire and improve safety. At the same time, it is very convenient to take care of and clean. Just use a rag to wipe off the stains, making consumers more worry-free.

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Product name Indoor Spc Wall , Interior Spc Wall Panel,
Brand DEGE
Hs code 3925900000
Lenghth 2.8 Meter or or Customized
Surface Pvc Film Laminated
Material SPC: Stone Pvc Composite.PVC resin powder, light calcium powder and other auxiliary materials
Color Oak,Gold, Mahogany, Teak, Cedar, Red , Classic grey, Black walnut
Minimum order Full 20ft Container , 500 meters per Color
Package Standard canton
Water absorption Less than 1%
Flame- retardant level Level B
Payment term 30%T/T in advance,remainder 70% paid before shipment
Delivery period Within 30 days
Remark The color and the size can be changed according to customer request
ApplicationAdvantage       Hotels, commercial buildings, hospital, schools, home kitchen, bathroom, interior decoration and so on
1) Dimensional stability, longevity, natural feel
2) Resistance to rot and crack
3) Stable over a wide temperature range, weather-resistant
4) Moisture resistant, low flame spread
5) High impact resistant
6) Outstanding screw and nail retention
7) Environmentally friendly, recyclable
8) Broad range of finished and appearance
9) Easily produced and easily fabricated
10) Contains no toxic chemicals or preservatives


A. 100% Waterproof B. Environmental Friendly C. Sound Absorbing A. 100% Waterproof B. Environmental Friendly C. Sound Absorbing

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