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Natural Solid Bamboo Flooring

Carbonized Bamboo Floor

What is Horizontal Bamboo Floor ?

Horizontal Bamboo Floor is a new type of building decoration material. It uses natural high-quality bamboo as raw material. After more than 20 processes, the bamboo puree juice is removed, pressed by high temperature and high pressure, and then through multiple layers of paint, and finally dried by infrared rays. . Bamboo flooring brings a green and fresh wind to the building materials market with its natural advantages and many excellent properties after molding. The bamboo floor has the natural texture of bamboo, fresh and elegant, giving people a return to nature, elegant and refined feeling. It has many characteristics. First of all, bamboo flooring uses bamboo instead of wood, which has the original characteristics of wood. In the process of bamboo processing, high-quality glue that meets national standards is used to avoid the harm of formaldehyde and other substances to the human body. Using advanced equipment and technology, through 26 processes of processing the raw bamboo, it has the natural beauty of the raw wood floor and the durability of ceramic floor tiles. Horizontal Bamboo is not a new product. It has appeared in the late 1980s in China. Since 1998, bamboo flooring manufacturing technology has matured. At that time, the output was only 300,000 square meters. Because the technology at that time was more complex and not mature enough, the use of bamboo flooring There is no better solution to the problems of longevity, moisture and moth prevention, so it has not been further developed and popularized. In the 21st world, due to technological breakthroughs, bamboo flooring has explosively entered the market. The processing technology of bamboo flooring is different from that of traditional bamboo products. It is made of middle-to-high-grade bamboo, which is processed through strict selection, material making, bleaching, vulcanization, dehydration, insect control, and corrosion protection. It is formed by high temperature and high pressure thermosetting glued surface. Relatively solid wood flooring. It has its advantages and disadvantages. Bamboo and wood floors are wear-resistant, pressure-resistant, moisture-proof, and fire-resistant. Its physical properties are better than solid wood floors. The tensile strength is higher than solid wood floors and the shrinkage rate is lower than solid wood floors. Therefore, it will not crack after laying. No distortion, no deformation and arching. However, bamboo and wood flooring has high strength and hardness, and the foot feel is not as comfortable as solid wood flooring, and the appearance is not as diverse as solid wood flooring. Its appearance is natural bamboo texture, beautiful color, and conforms to people's mentality of returning to nature, which is better than composite wood flooring. Therefore, the price is also between solid wood flooring and composite wood flooring.


Natural Bamboo Flooring

Carbonized Bamboo Flooring

Natural Carbonized Bamboo Floor

Bamboo Flooring Advantage

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Bamboo Flooring Technical Data

1) Materials: 100% Raw Bamboo
2) Colors: Strand Woven
3) Size: 1840*126*14mm / 960*96*15mm
4) Moisture content: 8%-12%
5) Formaldehyde emission: Up to E1 standard of Europe
6) Varnish: Treffert
7) Glue: Dynea
8) Glossiness: Matt, Semi gloss
9) Joint: Tongue & Groove (T& G) click ; Unilin+Drop click
10) Supply ability: 110,000m2 / month
11) Certificate: CE Certification , ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004
12) Packing: Plastic films with carton box
13) Delivery Time: Within 25 days after received advance payment

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Bamboo flooring package list

Type Size Package NO Pallet/20FCL Pallet/20FCL Size of Box  G.W.  N.W.
Carbonized Bamboo 1020*130*15mm 20pcs/ctn 660 ctns/1750.32 sqm 10 plt,           52ctns/plt,520ctns/1379.04 sqms 1040*280*165 28kgs 27kgs
1020*130*17mm 18pcs/ctn 640 ctns/1575.29 sqm 10 plt,             52ctns/plt,520ctns/1241.14 sqms 1040*280*165 28kgs 27kgs
960*96*15mm 27pcs/ctn 710 ctns/ 1766.71 sqm 9 plt,            56ctns/plt,504ctns/1254.10 sqms 980*305*145 26kgs 25kgs
960*96*10mm 39pcs/ctn 710 ctns/ 2551.91 sqm 9 plt,            56ctns/plt,504ctns/1810.57 sqms 980*305*145 25kgs 24kgs
Strand Woven Bamboo 1850*125*14mm 8pcs/ctn  672 ctn, 1243.2sqm 970*285*175  29 kg  28 kg
960*96*15mm 24pcs/ctn 560 ctn, 1238.63sqm 980*305*145 26 kg 25 kg
950*136*17mm 18pcs/ctn 672ctn, 1562.80sqm 970*285*175 29 kg 28kg


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