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China EIR laminate flooring


Color We have several hundreds of color for your choice.
Thickness 7mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm are available.
Size 1218*198,1218*168,1218*148,1218*128, 810*130,810*148,800*400,1200*400,600*100
Surface treatment More than 20 kinds of surface, such as Embossed, Crystal, EIR, Handscraped, Matt, Glossy, Piano etc.
Edge treatment Square Edge ,Mold press U-groove , 3 strips U grovoe, V-Groove with painting, bevel painting, waxing, padding, press etc. are provided.
Special treatment Press U-groove,Painted V-groove,Waxing, Logo painted on back ,Soundproof EVA/IXPE
Wear Resistance AC1,AC2, AC3,AC4, AC5 standard EN13329
Base materials 770 kg /m³,800 kg /m³, 850 kg /m³ and 880 kgs /m³
Click system Unilin  Double , Arc , Single , Drop ,Valinge
Installation Method Floating
Formaldehyde Emission E1<=1.5mg/L, or E0<=0.5mg/L

What problems does EIR Laminate Flooring easily happen? How to solve it?

As the most common and conventional flooring material, EIR Laminate Flooring has been recognized by the market for its affordable price and practicality. At the same time, some problems after the installation of the laminate floor have also followed. 1. The seams are bulging A. Foaming on the laminate floor surface: When mopping the floor, dripping water from the mop or shoe moisture will cause water to accumulate on the floor surface and enter from the joints with less sizing. In this case, the joints on the floor surface partially bulge; B. Water ingress and bulging under the floor: The surface phenomenon is that the joints bulge in a more uniform shape, the places near the water source are heavier and stricter, and the distances become more and more flat. Such problems are: near the bathroom, kitchen, Heating pipes, air conditioning condensate drains, windows, etc. If the water has been immersed for a long time, the surface phenomenon is no longer obvious, you can open the floor to check whether there is a watermark; C.Laminate Wood Floor short joints bulge: It is manifested as the bulge of each short side joint of the long strip floor, which is generally caused by excessive ground moisture. The higher the bulge, the greater the ground moisture. 2. Floor is Arched The arching of the floor is due to the expansion of the floor when it is damp and under the action of temperature, the size increases and the floor is firmly assembled together and cannot stretch it. It can only swell upwards and arch. The reasons are as follows: A. After the floor is soaked, the volume of the floor increases, causing arching; B. When laying the floor, it is a dry season, and the locks are installed too tightly. Therefore, when the environmental humidity increases sharply, the floor expands with the increase of the environmental humidity. Because the assembly is tight, there is nowhere to extend, which causes the arching phenomenon; C. There is no expansion joint between the wall and the floor or the expansion joint is not reserved enough. When the floor is damp and expanded, the floor has nowhere to extend, which causes the floor to arch; D. The room is open: When installing the floor in more than two rooms, no fasteners are installed at the door cover. When the humidity and humidity are high, the floor of the two rooms stretches horizontally, causing the door of the room to interfere with each other and arching the floor; E. The expansion joint is filled with baseboard nails or plaster, putty, expansion block, etc., which makes the floor unable to stretch and causes the floor to arch; F. During the installation process, foreign objects remain under the floor, causing arching; G. The base layer under the floor is arched. For example, there is already solid wood floor on the original ground before installing the floor. After the floor is installed, the original floor is damp and arched, causing the floor to be arched; H. Before laying the floor, the moisture-proof film is not in place or the seal is not tight, and the moisture enters the floor through the moisture-proof film, and the floor is arched. 3.Floor Cracks A. Uneven ground: Pave the laminated flooring when the ground is uneven, and after a period of use, the glue between the floors is released and there is a gap; B. Less sizing: the floor is heated in winter, the air is dry, the floor plane shrinks, the joint glue is insufficient, and the strength is not enough, which causes the floor to crack; C. There are heavy objects on the side: the parallel of the floor to be repaired is pressed by the heavy object in the direction of the surface, so that the floor cannot shrink freely and cracks; this kind of room will be arched in the summer, and when the heating comes in winter Showing cracks; D. The rainy season is also a frequent occurrence of this problem. 4. EIR Laminate Flooring Surface shortcomings A. Corner drop: The floor bumps during the handling process, the construction personnel did not pay attention during the construction process or the shovel broke when the glue was cleared after the construction, which caused the corners of the floor to drop corners; B. The surface layer falls off: After the construction is completed, sharp tools or heavy objects fall and damage the floor, which affects the appearance of the floor; or during the floor process, the surface layer and the substrate are not glued well. After using for a period of time, the surface layer and the substrate are degummed ; C. Scratches: When moving furniture or heavy objects on the floor, there are nails or sand and other debris between the floor and the objects. Dragging on the floor causes damage to the floor wear layer or shows obvious scratches; maintenance plan: wax Patch or change the floor. 5. the sound The problem of floor noise has the following factors: A. It is the sound of friction between the floor locks; because the locks have high precision and are tightly assembled, after the glue-free construction, the occlusal part of the locks may show a "squeaking" sound; The situation rarely appears when the floor is in good condition. B. It is the sound of the surface of the floor and the skirting line; when the skirting line is installed too tightly to the floor, it may cause friction and noise between the floor and the skirting line. C. The floor problem is the root cause of the floor noise. If the floor can reach a height of less than three meters within a scale of two meters, the floor noise will be greatly reduced. D. The thickness of the floor mat exceeds the standard, which is caused by too much elasticity. E. Insufficient reserved expansion joints, resulting in limited floor expansion, and slightly arched deformation in the length or width direction of the floor. F. Insufficient fastness of the keel will cause the laminated floor and the keel to not be combined securely, which will cause the slippage between the wood and the wood to make noise.

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Laminate Flooring Package Details

Packing List
  Size  pcs/ctn  m2/ctn ctns/pallet plts/20'cont ctns/20'cont kg/ctn m2/20'cont kgs/20'cont
1218*198*7mm  10 2.41164  70  20  1400  15  3376.296 21400
1218*198*8mm 10 2.41164 60 20 1200 17.5 2893.97 21600
1218*198*8mm 8 1.929312  70  20  1400  14  2701 20000
1218*198*10mm 9 2.170476 55 20 1100 17.9 2387.5236 20500
1218*198*10mm 7 1.688148 70 20 1400 13.93 2363.4072 20500
1218*198*12mm 8 1.929312 50 20 1000 20 1929.312 20600
1218*198*12mm 6 1.446984  65  20  1300  15  1881  19900
1215*145*8mm 12 2.1141 60 20 1200 15.5 2536 19000
1215*145*10mm 10 1.76175 65 20 1300 14.5 2290.275 19500
1215*145*12mm  10  1.76175  52  20 1040 17.5 1832 18600
810*130*8mm  30  3.159 45  20 900 21 2843.1 19216
810*130*10mm 24 2.5272 45 20 900 21 2274.48 19216
810*130*12mm  20  2.106 45  20 900  21 1895.4 19216
810*150*8mm 30  3.645 40 20 800 24.5 2916 19608
810*150*10mm 24 2.916 40 20 800 24.5 2332.8 19608
810*150*12mm  20  2.43 40 20 800  24.5 1944  19608
810*103*8mm  45  3.75435 32  24  768  27.2  2883 21289.6
810*103*12mm  30  2.5029  32  24  768 26 1922 20368
1220*200*8mm  8 1.952  70  20  1400 14.5 2732 20700
1220*200*12mm 6  1.464  65  20  1300 15 1903 19900
1220*170*12mm  8 1.6592  60  20  1200 17 1991 20800

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