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4MM Gray Oak Herringbone SPC Flooring

What is Herringbone Spc flooring ?

When you enter an old castle or a tasteful modern villa, you are often attracted by the unique charm of herringbone flooring, as a representative of the classic flooring series. With the rise of the post-90s consumer group, flooring has gradually become a fashionable consumer product. It also needs to be simple, generous and creative, and is more suitable for the young people's personalized chevron flooring.


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SPC Flooring Specification
Thickness 3.8mm, 4mm, 4.2mm, 5mm, 5.5mm, 6mm
Wear Layer 0.2mm, 0.3mm, 0.5mm
Size 600*135mm
Surface Crystal, Light/Deep Embossed, Real Wood, Handscraped
Core Material 100% virgin material
Click System Unilin Click, Drop Lock(I4F)
Special treatment V-Groove, Soundproof EVA/IXPE
Installation Method Floating


How to choose Herringbone flooring?

01. The wood color is the most versatile, can brighten the space, very suitable for small-sized houses 02. Brown-yellow can highlight the herringbone spelling lines, and it is easy to have a retro atmosphere. 03. The walnut grain is meticulous and lively, and the color is also available in shades, which is very suitable for homes that like industrial atmosphere or English style. 04. The dark texture is really nothing to say, more suitable for large-sized families.

How about the Herringbone flooring Installation cost and quantity calculation?

The main difference between herringbone parquet flooring and other wooden floors lies in the splicing method. The herringbone splicing method requires manual piecework and cutting, so the installation cost is high and consumes more materials, half of which is the cost of conventional flooring installation. Up to 4 times, the loss is about 15%, but it also shows the beautiful texture and pattern, so it is fascinating.

Matters needing attention when install herringbone flooring.

The first is that the ground should be flat and dry, which is conducive to the later laying of herringbone floors. In addition, before splicing the floor of the herringbone, we must lay a layer of moisture-proof mat on the floor, which can effectively reduce the probability of dampness in the later stage of the herringbone.

SPC Flooring Backing

Finish Types

What is Difference Between the 100% Virgin Spc Flooring and Recycled Spc Flooring ?

Spc Flooring Waterproof Quality Test

Joints of Spc flooring

SPC Floor Packing List

Herringbone SPC Floor
Size sqm/pc kgs/sqm pcs/ctn sqm/ctn ctn/pallet pallet/20ft sqm/20ft ctns/20ft Cargo Weight/20ft
600*135*4mm 0.0810 8.2 26 2.10600 72ctn/10pallet,     84ctn/10pallet 20 3285.36 1560 27400
600*135*5mm 0.0810 10.2 20 1.62000 72ctn/10pallet,     84ctn/10pallet 20 2527.20 1560 25777
600*135*6mm 0.0810 12.2 18 1.45800 72ctn/10pallet,     84ctn/10pallet 20 2275.00 1560 27750



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