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30mm Natural Green Artificial Turf

How to maintain artificial grass

Compared with natural grass, the maintenance and maintenance cost of artificial grass is lower, but proper maintenance and maintenance can better extend the service life and aesthetics of artificial grass. The maintenance cycle of artificial grass does not need to be every day, but need to follow the following basic requirements. First, keep the site clean and tidy, clean up regularly, or place enough trash cans to effectively solve this problem. Second, the signs of "No Smoking" and "No Food" shall be erected in the venue. Third, if there is a problem with the lawn, repair it in time. Cleaning and decontamination of artificial grass: 1.Use a soft-bristled broom to clean paper scraps, leaves and husks and other permeable debris, then rinse with clean water, and finally wipe them dry with an absorbent towel. 2.Use a hard brush to comb the grass filaments every two weeks, and comb the grass filaments in the opposite direction in the direction in which they are poured. 3.It is recommended that the sponge be dipped in perchloroethylene to remove most of the stains, such as lipstick, edible oil, tar, paint, paint, etc. 4.How to deal with fungus or mildew on artificial turf? You can pour 1% hydrogen peroxide into water, soak thoroughly in water after wiping. It is also important to check the artificial turf regularly, after you have done the maintenance and upkeep. First of all, you need to carefully check whether it is loose, whether the bottom of the turf is damaged, torn, burned, etc. If you find a large area of damage, please contact a professional company for repair in time. The second point to pay attention to, if it encounters heavy rain or cleaning, it may cause the loss of the filling, you need to sprinkle some rubber particles to fill it.


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Football Artificial Grass Specifications

Item Landscaping Artificial Grass
Color LGL03-01, LGD03-01, LGL04-01, LGD04-01//PGD01-01
Yarn Type PE+PP/PP
Pile height 20mm, 25mm,30mm, 35mm, 40mm, 50mm, 60mm, etc.//6mm-15mm
Stitch rate 120stiches/m- 200stiches/m.//200stiches/m-300stiches/m
Gauge 3/8 inch // 3/16 inch
Dtex 8800, 9500// 1800
Roll length 25m or customized
Roll width 2m, 4m
Package Wrapped on 10cm diameter paper pipe, covered by PP cloth
Infill Requirements NO
Application landscaping, leisure usage, kindergarten
Warranty 8-10years
Delivery time 7-15days
Certificates ISO9001/ ISO14001/ CE/ SGS, etc.
Loading Quantity 20' GP: about 3000-4000sqm; 40HQ:about 8000-9000qm

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Back Design Type

Quality Inspection

Super waterproof permeable

High density and more durable

Natural and environmental friendly 

Super flame retardant

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